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Hourly Rates
Our entire fleet is available for hourly rentals. The time starts at the first pick-up and ends at the last drop-off, which means that we do not charge for the limousine to come to you or go back to our office after we drop you off. We have been told that many limousine services start their time when they leave their office, and end it when they get back, but we don’t do that. The limousine package includes glasses, ice, sodas and bottled water. If everyone in the limousine is over 21, you may provide your own alcoholic beverages. Please contact us now for more details.

Van Shuttle Service
We provide van shuttle service to take guests from local hotels to and from the wedding and/or reception site, or any other event. We have a minimum of four hours, however, for this special service; we will split the 4-hour minimum by providing 2 hours of shuttle service before the event and 2 hours after the event. Additional time may be added to each transfer to customize this service. Please callĀ for more details.

Flat Rate Services
All of our vehicles are available at flat rates to pick up at your desired location and take you to your specific destination, whether you are traveling to visit an out-of-town friend or family member; or going to New York or Atlantic City for the weekend or a few days. We will take you there one day and pick your up a few days later, all while Riding in Style and Arriving in Elegance!

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